Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Snowflakes and butterflies

As usual, life seems to be cracnked up a knotch or two lately. This week is no different! Of course, if it the kids activities that seem to have us running! Taekwondo Monday and Tuesday. Back to School nights for each school, Wed and Thursday. Friday is Taekwondo testing. Trevor is testing for his brown belt. Ryan has doctor's appointment on Friday. Then Monday we start all over again... and get to add the orthodontist appt! Does it ever end?!?

Little by little I have been working on the butterflies and snowflakes for my friend Deborah's Christmas tree. She is part of the Mother Goose Guild. They do this fundraiser for CHOC (Children's Hospital of Orange County). Her theme this year is butterflies and snowflakes. These were all chipboard. With a little paint, patterned paper, die cuts, glue and glitter... the butterflies took flight! They are coming out so nice!


Stamp/nScrap said...

Wow, Erin, you've been busy! Both in and out of the scrap/stamp room! Would love to see what these look like on the trees when it's that time.

Jan said...

WOW!! The snowflakes look huge and are so beautiful!
YES, your Son looks mighty handsome all dressed up for the dance.