Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Home Coming Dance

Ryan went to his first dance... his High School's Home Coming Dance. He went two of his other friends (Kyle and Liz) and their dates. They met up with lots of other friends at the dance. Ryan said that they had a blast! And he was even a dancing fool! I think I only went to one dance, in junior high. And all the guys were lined up on one wall and all the girls on the other. No one would dance! Now-a-days, everyone is decked to the nines... and everyone dances! What fun!!

Doesn't Ryan look awesome!?!
Ryan and his date Alaine.

Ryan's best friend, Kyle, and his date.
The three couples... They all looked so handsome/beautiful... Ahhhhh...
I am so glad that they all had fun. It is so much fun to see Ryan enjoy life. I love that he loves to have fun. He has the best smile... and the best personality. He is such a charmer! I am so proud of him.

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Regina said...

They are all so handsome/beautiful! glad to hear they had a good time. How have you been? It has been so long since we chatted! hugs my friend