Sunday, September 28, 2008

Where did the weekend go?

Here it is... late Sunday night. Where did the weekend go?? Time just flies by! They boys kept us busy all weekend - running here, take me there... a little homework, etc. I visited my very good friend Debbie on Saturday. It was such a nice night. I always have such a great time with her! I spent half of today trying to pick up and organize in my craft room. It is amazing how much time it can take to organize!! I have a good size room and yet I am running out of space! How can that be? So, I am constantly trying to come up with better ways of organizing.

I did get to play for a little while. I finished a project that I had started last week ("What a Difference a Year Makes"). I saw this layout one time - way after my kids were babies - and they had taken a picture of their baby with a stuffed animal. Then every month, they would take another picture, in the same spot, with the same stuffed animal. They did this for a year - and then put all the pictures in a layout. I thought that was a BRILLIANT idea! And of course, way too late for me to do. (bummer!) I made a "pocket" book - chipboard covers with pockets inside using a scrapping kit from Stampin Up. You can put each month's picture on the insert - for a total of 12 pictures. It comes out so awesome - you can really see how much your little one has grown!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Kits2Remember Design Team!

OMG!! I am so excited!! I have been asked to be on the Kits2Remember Design Team! I am so excited... I just met some of the other design team members and everyone is so nice. This is just going to be a BLAST! Woo Hoo!!!

Have you been to Kits2Remember?? It is an awesome website. You'll have to check it out for yourself!! I am truly looking forward to getting to know the other design members better and totally looking forward to playing with the amazing kits that Jessica puts together!


Friday, September 12, 2008


Well - it is official... summer is over and Ryan and Trevor are back in school. It has been a pretty busy last couple of weeks. Everyone getting used to their routines again... homework... back to school the teacher... etc. So, I haven't had a lot of time to be very playful!!

But the week is over (yea!) and I have made plans to play all day on Sunday! I have some frames that I need to make - so I will do that first. I have a couple of movies that I would like to watch. I have a few shows I might try to catch up on over the weekend, too. So, who knows where the day will lead me!?

I have submitted some (crafty) work to a couple of design team calls. I really have no idea on this. I am sure they are swamped with people that want to get on design teams, and usually there are only a few spots available. So, I just haven't a clue if I have even the remotest chance... But we'll see! I am hopeful... but there are so many talented people out there. So, I won't hold my breath!! Wish me luck! Design teams will be determined by the end of the month...
Have a wonderful, creative weekend!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Labor Day?

Well - labor day is the last big horray of the summer season. My labor day weekend was great! Not too "labor" intensive though! Well, I suppose that isn't entirely true... I labored away in my craft room! Mal and the boys went to Tahoe for the weekend. Mal's sister, Denise, lives up there. I had a few things going on, so I stayed at home. I hate to say - it was almost a treat! I don't get much time alone... so it was awesome!! Mom came over during the day.. we ran a few errands... and then crafted the rest of the day away! Woo Hoo!

One of the fun things I made was a chipboard beach album. I found the prettiest beach / shell paper. I think it was by Creative Imaginations. I just love their paper!! It is a tabbed chipboard album. You can see here that it has 4 tabbed pages.

Inside the "pages" have room for 6 nice photos of a beautiful day at the beach.

I also made a really cute Halloween flip album. I went to Jeanne's for the day and we played with the new Stampin Up Halloween paper. I made the flip album and she made a totally cute Halloween garland.

Among the other items I crafted away on was a cute baby boy flip album. I stated a baby boy garland. When I take a few pictures of the baby boy items, I will show you all.

It is fun trying to come up with unique handmade gifts for the holiday boutique coming up in November. Have you ever tried to sell items in a craft show? It is always an interesting task trying to figure out what people will like. And it is even harder trying to put a dollar amount on items you make!! I wish there was some perfect little formula for it!

Well - it is late.. and I should hit the sack! Work always comes too early in the morning! hehehe.
Sleep tight! and happy crafting!
:o) Erin